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Kafa Biosphere Reserve

Biodiversity under Climate Change:
Community Based Conservation, Management and Development Concepts for the Wild Coffee Forests

Ethiopia is one of the most species-rich countries in the world. The montane cloud forests of the Kafa Biosphere Reserve in southwest Ethiopia are considered to be the origin and centre of Coffea arabica's genetic diversity. They are also home to many rare species. Together with the area's numerous wetlands, they form a carbon reservoir of supraregional importance. However, studies have shown that their habitats are threatened by overexploitation and climate change.
The project aims to conserve and restore the Afromontane cloud forests and wetlands in order to preserve the ecosystem's resilience and unique biodiversity. It also intends to avoid carbon dioxide emissions and secure ecosystem services for the local population. In collaboration with the local population, ecosystems will be explored and restored (e.g. reforestation, restoration of catchment areas), secured (e.g. real-time monitoring, rangers) and transferred to sustainable, participatory community management. In order to simultaneously create awareness for the effects of global warming on biodiversity and in order to promote regional development, targeted development programmes for crafts, ecotourism and regional products as well as educational programs for children and youths and energy-efficient stoves will be introduced.
The project supports the implementation of Ethiopia's Climate-Resilient Green Economy Strategy, ties climate and biodiversity conservation to regional development and helps the local population to independently ensure the long-term conservation of nature and natural resources as basis of their livelihood.

More information at:

The Nature and Biodiversity Conservation Union (NABU)

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  • Svane Bender-Kaphengst
    Head of NABU's Africa Program
  • Mesfin Tekle
    NABU Project Coordinator at Kafa Biosphere Reserve

Wageningen University

Laboratory of Geo-information Science and Remote Sensing
P.O. Box 47 - 6700 AA Wageningen
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